How to Color Code Lubricant Tags and Labels to Maximize Effectiveness

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Using colored tags and labels to identify the proper lubricant for a machine is a common-sense way to help operators and lubrication technicians minimize errors and win at their job. When the wrong lubricant is put into a machine, it creates risks from both a reliability and safety standpoint.

In this video, Rafe Britton explains a system for color coding lubricant tags to help avoid common pitfalls and help you reduce lubricant application mistakes.


  • Rafe Britton

    Hi, I’m Rafe Britton, the Lubrication Expert. I’m known within the industry for my YouTube channel and podcast, and I work with mid-size industrials to improve their equipment uptime while reducing the cost of their lubrication program. I’m a mechanical engineer with 13 years of experience on both sides of the industry, both as an operator and lubricant supplier. I hold a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Physics from UNSW. I’ve helped dozens of industrial clients upskill their workforce, reduce waste, improve reliability and take great strides toward their corporate sustainability goals. I serve on the Australian Lubricant Association technical committee to push the lubricants industry forward and help end-users better understand the importance of lubrication. Website | YouTube Channel | Podcast