AMRRI and BIZLEARN International Announce Strategic Partnership

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AMRRI Corporation, a leading provider of reliability-centered lubrication practices, proudly announces a new partnership with BIZLEARN International, a renowned knowledge management consultancy based in Bahrain.

This strategic alliance aims to enhance the distribution and implementation of AMRRI’s engineering, professional services, and educational materials across the MENA region, specifically targeting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as primary territories.

Under this agreement, BIZLEARN International will promote and conduct AMRRI’s lubrication and oil analysis training courses and Precision Lubrication Work Management Solutions. This collaboration leverages BIZLEARN’s expertise in delivering training and consulting services with AMRRI’s advanced lubrication engineering solutions, ensuring improved machine performance and productivity for clients in the region.

“We are thrilled to partner with BIZLEARN International,” said Mike Johnson, President of AMRRI. “Their strong presence and expertise in the Gulf area, combined with our proven lubrication engineering solutions, will help manufacturers in the region achieve dependable, repeatable capacity and boost their bottom line.”

“Partnering with AMRRI allows us to bring world-class machine reliability solutions to our clients,” stated Mohamed Shawki from BIZLEARN International. “In today’s competitive market, optimizing machine performance is crucial. We’re excited to help our clients in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and across MENA enhance their productivity through AMRRI’s advanced lubrication practices.”

About AMRRI:
Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc. (AMRRI) specializes in increasing productivity and reducing costs through innovative lubrication engineering and machine reliability engineering services. Since 2006, AMRRI has been assisting manufacturers worldwide in enhancing machine performance and achieving reliable, repeatable capacity.

About BIZLEARN International:
BIZLEARN International, based in Bahrain, empowers organizations to achieve their goals through comprehensive training and consulting services. Since 2018, BIZLEARN has been a key player in enhancing performance and productivity across the Gulf area.

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