Transformational Performance Solutions Secures 20-Year Government Contract

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Transformational Performance Solutions (TPS), led by Dr. Nathan Wright, a decorated naval veteran and renowned expert in transformational leadership, maintenance, and reliability, has secured a landmark five-year contract with the United States government, with the option for three additional five-year extensions, totaling a remarkable 20-year commitment. TPS, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, underwent rigorous government vetting to secure this prestigious contract.

Dr. Wright expressed gratitude for the 20-year contract, exceeding his expectations, and highlighted the range of services TPS offers, including leadership development through the proprietary Wright Leadership® Program, lubrication programs, maintenance strategy consulting, proactive maintenance, and materials management.

Dr. Wright’s latest book, “The Wright Leader, Not Just Any Leader,” will be released in May 2024, offering practical insights and strategies for creating inspiring workplace environments through mentorship-based leadership development. The book challenges conventional training methods and emphasizes authentic transformational leadership.

Central to Dr. Wright’s approach is the Wright Leadership® Program, which focuses on mentorship and authentic leadership to drive transformative change. With over four decades of experience, Dr. Wright is committed to ensuring the success of all participants in the program.

TPS offers the Wright Leadership® Program as a tailored solution to cultivate empowered leaders, addressing the growing need for mentorship in leadership development. Leadership is seen as a skill set that can be cultivated, with the program aiming to unlock leadership potential within each individual, creating a culture of empowerment and excellence.

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