Tan Delta Systems Introduces New SENSE-2 Oil Monitoring Technology

by | Industry News, Oil Sensors


Tan Delta Systems has announced the launch of its newest product, SENSE-2, an oil condition monitoring system aimed at the manufacturing and industrial sector. The company calls SENSE-2 “an innovative new system designed to optimize maintenance scheduling and dramatically reduce operating costs.”

The SENSE-2 system utilizes patented sensor technology and analytics to provide real-time monitoring of molecular changes and contaminants in lubricating oil. This data is intended to identify optimal timing for oil changes based on actual degradation instead of prescribed intervals.

Chris Greenwood, CEO of Tan Delta Systems, is quoted as saying, “SENSE-2 finally brings smart, condition-based maintenance to the manufacturing sector…By monitoring oil quality continuously, we can detect subtle equipment issues early and recommend maintenance at exactly the right time.”

For on-the-go oil analysis, the OQSx-G2 sensor can be purchased as part of the Mobile Oil Tester (MOT) kit, tailored for field maintenance teams. This portable configuration allows oil from industrial equipment to be easily sampled and tested in seconds directly at the site.

The kits provide sampling bottles that which oil can be collected in. By connecting the sensor to a Windows laptop, tablet, or PC installed with the MOT software app, the oil sample can be tested by following simple on-screen prompts. The streamlined process enables rapid on-location oil quality checks by maintenance personnel rather than relying solely on sending samples offsite.

Learn more about the Tan Delta SENSE-2 at tandeltasystems.com.