A Practical Approach to Lubricant Contamination Control

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This presentation was presented at the Lubrication Reliability Virtual Summit on September 20, 2023 by Hassan Abdelnabby. He discusses the types of oil contamination and how to fight back to gain control of asset health, how to achieve better cleanliness levels for our assets, and the benefits of having a lubrication program that can utilize IIOT to achieve the desired outcomes of the program.


  • Hassan Abdelnabby

    Hassan Abdelnabby is an Experienced mechanical maintenance engineer with 10 years of experience in maintenance reliability improvements, He has been involved in Maintenance management and enhancement of systems performance since 2011 by utilizing Maintenance Planning and scheduling and shutdown management and implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Hassan is an Egypt community leader and brand ambassador at Mobius Connect, and He holds professional certificates like CMRP,CSSGB,MLA I, Vcat III and works now as a Mechanical Maintenance Deputy Manager, AL ZEINA TISSUE MILL.