New LUBE-IT Update Includes Bearing Relubrication Interval Calculation

by | CMMS, Industry News


The world’s leading lubrication management software, LUBE-IT, recently released a new version that includes several new features. Some of the new LUBE-IT 5.6 features include:

  • Calculate relubrication intervals and capacity amounts for bearings (Ultimate Edition)
  • Add Asset Criticality Levels (1-5)
  • Add Asset Validation Date
  • Add Product Type and Viscosity at 40 and 100 degrees C

With sophisticated lubrication tracking, management, and documentation, manufacturers can move away from expensive, reactive/corrective repairs and toward proactive prevention instead with LUBE-IT.  Not only does this cut costs, improve plant efficiency, eliminate guesswork, and ensure accountability, but it also dramatically extends the life of plant equipment. In other words, it ensures the right lubricant is applied to the right lube point, at the right time, in the right amount, using the right procedure. The 5 R’s.

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