AMRRI and Services to Engineering Announce Strategic Partnership for Chile

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AMRRI, a leader in precision lubrication solutions, and Services to Engineering (S2E), are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing equipment reliability and operational efficiency across industries in Chile.

This collaboration grants S2E rights to utilize AMRRI’s Service Support Products and promote Precision Lubrication Work Management Solutions in Chile, with potential for expansion into secondary territories.

Services to Engineering, based in Santiago, will leverage AMRRI’s proprietary training materials, educational products, and consulting services to deliver high-quality solutions focused on increasing the reliability of critical equipment. This partnership will allow both companies to expand their reach and provide comprehensive reliability solutions to a broader customer base in Chile.

Mike Johnson, President of AMRRI, commented: “We are excited to partner with Services to Engineering. Their expertise in the Chilean market and our innovative approach to equipment reliability will enable us to better serve clients in this important region. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to expand our global presence and deliver cutting-edge lubrication solutions.”

Hugo Montenegro, Business Development Manager of Services to Engineering, added: “This partnership with AMRRI represents a significant step forward in our ability to serve our customers in Chile. By combining AMRRI’s world-class training materials and work management solutions with our local knowledge and expertise, we can deliver even more value regarding equipment reliability, safety, and sustainability.”

Under this agreement, S2E will offer AMRRI’s comprehensive Precision Lubrication Work Management Solutions to Chilean industries. This includes access to AMRRI’s cutting-edge educational products, seminars, and service support materials. S2E will employ AMRRI-certified instructors to deliver high-quality training programs, ensuring that clients receive expert guidance in implementing best practices for lubrication management. This collaboration aims to significantly enhance equipment reliability, reduce operational costs, and improve overall plant efficiency for businesses across Chile.


Advanced Machine Reliability Resources Inc. (AMRRI) specializes in increasing productivity and reducing costs through innovative lubrication engineering and machine reliability engineering services. Since 2006, AMRRI has assisted manufacturers worldwide in enhancing machine performance and achieving reliable, repeatable capacity.

About Services to Engineering

Services to Engineering, located in Santiago, Chile, offers high-quality products and solutions focused on increasing the reliability of critical equipment. Through customized solutions designed by integrating different products and brands, S2E helps customers improve performance in critical areas such as plant availability, worker safety, and environmental impact reduction.

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