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Blogs here are about our contract lubrication services for machine reliability.

Machine Lubrication Consulting Services

Many people ask, what does PLSI do.  A simple answer is: We become “Your Plant’s Lubrication Team.” A team with the know-how and expertise to asses the plan and design a smart, robust, comprehensive lubrication program. PLSI provides experienced, trained personnel on-site for the duration of a multi-year contract to manage and carry out daily…
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Why is Reliability Important?

Lubrication PM’s that instruct technicians to grease machines are based on schedules that are often plucked from the mind of the lubricant product supplier.  As it turns out, many of these PM’s are set at frequencies that do not match well with machine needs.  Check the logic of your regrease intervals: As the nDm (n…
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How to Construct a Lube Supply Agreement.

Establishing corporate contracts to purchase materials, particularly lubricants, holds a bittersweet appeal to many. Mill personnel work closely with their vendors, in some cases for a prolonged period, to establish business relationships that will deliver results when the chips are down. While it makes good sense to bundle purchases together in order to leverage increased…
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Mike Johnson to Present at IMC in Daytona Beach

Mike Johnson will be presenting “Managing Risk Associated with Contractor Based Lubrication Services” on Monday, December 7th at 11:15am at IMC in Daytona Beach. Contractor-based machine lubrication programs are very popular in mining and heavy industry in Australia, India and Brasil, and contractor lead programs are growing in popularity in North America. This presentation will…
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