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What We Do

PLSI provides experienced, trained personnel on-site for the duration of a multi-year contract to manage and carry out daily the precision lubrication program that will deliver against each customer’s and plant’s unique requirements.

We do this by becoming “Your Plant’s Lubrication Team.” A team with the know-how and expertise to assess the plant and design a smart, robust, comprehensive lubrication program that will:

  • Contract Lubrication Program Services - Industrial StructureImprove machine reliability
  • Increase machine productivity and uptime
  • Extend component and machine life
  • Improve worker safety and environmental compliance.


Our carefully developed, highly refined machine lubrication routines are characterized by precision in every aspect of the lubrication plan:  accurate lubricant selection, accurate replenishment frequency and volume, and highly effective lubricant condition control.

We are also “vendor neutral” with respect to a plant’s choice of suppliers for lubricants, filtration systems, oil analysis services, etc.  This means you never lose control over these decisions and relationships and you never have to deal with any pricing transparency issues.  On the other hand, we are Your Plant’s Lube Team.   As such, we consider ourselves responsible, and can and will recommend and specify solutions that may need to be implemented to assure optimum reliability (equipment, tools, lubricants, analytical protocols, etc).  And given our expertise in this area, we can and will assist you in screening alternatives and even in negotiating the best price/value.

Having said this, we also have access to and can bring to bear our parent companies’ resources, both leaders in their field.  Through them, we can ensure the most competitive pricing and access to a wide gamut of services and products ranging from lubricant storage and handling systems to filtration systems and desiccant breathers, oil analysis services and even oil recycling and remediation services.