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Lubrication Program Details

Our Precision Lubrication Services team will:

  • Design, develop and populate lubrication practices into a scheduling program.
  • Provide (hire, train as needed) on-site personnel to execute the program routines.
  • Manage the routine practices and machine inspections.
  • Manage the plant’s/site’s lubricant stores.
  • Oversee lubricant supply, delivery, application and disposal.
  • Provide sampling, analysis and corrective action recommendations and/or services (as agreed).
  • Deliver additional specialized services as needed by site management (part of designing a comprehensive yet custom solution that will meet your particular needs).


Although time consuming initially, thorough documentation of the plant’s lubrication work practices and route enforcement ensure that they are carried out even when personnel changes, often unavoidable, occur.  In operating environments where lubrication technicians do not have work standards based on recognized engineering standards, the work methods increasingly change to reflect the personnel opinions of the lubrication technicians.  This can create significant, sometimes damaging, variability.

Developing the task sequence is also crucial in developing an optimized lubrication program and is necessary to ensure efficient work planning.  We evaluate machines component by component in order to set up optimum sequencing for each machine.  Once all machines are evaluated, the sequences are combined to lay out a documented linear route that will deliver long lasting precision lubrication at the lowest cost and in the minimum possible time.

Implementing the work practices and executing the routes is where precision lubrication happens.  PLSI implements this process on a stand-alone scheduling system that is hand-in-glove fitted for the extensive documentation and scheduling rigors of lubrication program management.  The goal is to get the optimized practices into a load-balanced route, get the route scheduled, completed and returned, and then close the route to prepare for the next round.

A medium sized production process can have tens of thousands of events to schedule, close, and track.  The on-site PLSI team is highly trained and experienced in executing this machine reliability program.    The aim is to assure that the precision lubrication program achieves long lasting results.