Machine Lubrication Consulting – Key to Success

During a lively discussion with my good friend Bill Correll at Generation Systems (providers if the LubeIT management system), we both reflected on the idea of “Best Practice” in Machine Lubrication.  That got me thinking.

What is “Best Practice”?  Who exactly decides what “Best Practice” means for machine lubrication and basic care?

A ‘best practice’ is the practice that maybe should be defined as the technically accurate practice that can be defined and executed correctly and consistently given the constraints inherent within the organization. Within our professional circle, we can all agree that the heart and soul of this notion can be encapsulated in the ‘5R’s’.


It is fool-hardy to suggest that there is a single best practice for bearing lubrication, or oil top-up, or oil change, or oil flushing.

Further, any company’s approach deploying the 5R’s notion differs greatly based on the level of support that company management is willing to put behind the development efforts.

The real question perhaps should be: what is the best possible outcome I can accomplish in my plant for these 5R’s with the management support that I have available.  Management support, even though there may be no direct involvement in the deployment, is the singular critical element of success in achieving a ‘best of class’ result.

Mike Johnson, President

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