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PLSI’s team has a high level of experience and expertise that is committed to:

  • Improving Plant Performance
  • Reducing Maintenance Expense
  • Achieving Immediate Savings


Mike Johnson has 28+ years of practical experience in the field of industrial lubrication and equipment reliability management. He has assisted in developing reliability improvement strategies and implementing reliability centered machine lubrication programs for many well known multinational manufacturers, including Cargill, International Paper, Ford Motors, Goodyear, General Mills, Saturn, Southdown, Chemetals, Arcadian Group, Diesel Recon, and many others. Mike has an extensive background in theoretical and practical tribology and uses this knowledge assisting organizations that want to improve machine reliability through training, in-plant coaching, failure analysis, and through advice and support in developing standards for precision lubrication practices. Mike is CMRP, CLS, CRL, MLA3, MLT2 certified.

D. K. Smith joined PLSI in 2015 after retiring with over 45+ years of accumulated service with the US Navy, Occidental Chemical and Potash Corporation.  He is sharing his vast expertise in maintenance management, work system development and implementation with PLSI customers. He is MLT I and MLA I certified.


Wendy Johnson, CFO

Kim Lane, Administration

Christie White, Marketing


PLSI’s Founding

PLSI was founded by AMRRI Management in an effort to address a specific customer need.  These customers required a different type of service and long-term on-site manpower that AMRRI had not traditionally provided.  Later, US Venture, Inc. joined PLSI in its pursuit to service the demand for contract lubrication and has provided great strength and sustainability.

AMRRI (Advanced Machine Reliability Resources, Inc.) was formed to help companies increase productivity and reduce costs through reliability centered lubrication practices.  AMRRI provides a comprehensive range of reliability services that help customers reach dependable, repeatable capacity.

AMRRI’s carefully constructed programs are aimed at assessing, planning, developing, implementing and monitoring a plant’s lubrication practices, all ultimately designed to increase machine productivity.  AMRRI’s team of experienced and highly trained lubrication engineers builds lubrication programs that address a plant’s real needs through work plans designed to deliver improved reliability, productivity, and profitability.

AMRRI is based in Franklin, TN, but  and serves customers worldwide.

Through the U.S. Lubricants Subsidiary, U.S. Ventures supplies a wide range of heavy duty lubricants for mobile and stationary equipment in agricultural, construction, forestry, and mining as well as military and marine applications; and industrial and metalworking lubricants to leading OEMs, manufacturing plants, machining centers and other metalworking operations.  The company also blends and distributes a comprehensive range of high performance industrial, and metalworking lubricants under its own THRIVE™brand. The comprehensive range of products and support services are expertly woven into customized solutions that help customers assure the health of their manufacturing equipment, reduce unpredictable downtime, and extend the productive life of their machinery.   In a nutshell, U.S. Venture provides Intelligent Lubrication Solutions™.